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What You Should Do When Your Car Has Been Keyed Or Otherwise Vandalized

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As a car owner, you hope the day will never come when you have to deal with you car being keyed or otherwise vandalized. However, if you do walk out to your car one day and find that it has been vandalized, it is important that you know what to do and how to properly handle the situation. Get to know more about the steps to take when your car has been damaged by vandalism, and be sure that you get your car looking good and running well as soon as possible.

Be Sure You Contact The Police Before You Try To Move Or Fix Anything

In order to file a claim with your insurance company and potentially find out who is behind the vandalism to your car, you need to contact the police before you do anything else. Do not try to move your vehicle or remove any of the damage before the police arrive on scene to document the damage as well as file a police report.

The only exception to this rule is if there are any parts of your car that are in the middle of the street that could cause an accident or significant damage to another vehicle. In this case, grab a digital camera or your smartphone and take pictures of the entire scene. Then, move the potentially damaging pieces of your car out of the street and closer to your vehicle or off the street entirely. You can share the photos with the police officer and explain why you moved them so that they can still get a full picture of what happened to your car.

Contact Your Insurance Company and Begin Getting Auto Body Repair Quotes

Once the vandalism police report has been filed, you can also contact your insurance company to file your insurance claim. Whether you contact your insurance company at all will depend on the extent of the damage and whether you want to apply your repair costs to your deductible. However, generally speaking, it is best to inform your insurance company of any situation in which your car has sustained damage.

Finally, the next step is to begin collecting auto body repair quotes. You may be in a hurry to get the damage fixed, but be sure that you do not rush into the repair process and get a bad deal. Get at least two quotes before settling on an auto body repair shop, and choose the one with the best price and the best plan for fixing your car.

These tips will help you to handle the situation if your car every gets keyed or vandalized in any other ways.