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How Much Is Your Wrecked Car Worth? Unexpected Things To Consider

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Just because you have a wrecked car doesn't mean it's completely worthless. You can still get a few hundred dollars for it, depending on a few factors.

An unwanted car buyer will consider these factors before making you an offer on your vehicle. Here are a few things they'll take into account.

Salvageable Parts

One of the first things an unwanted car buyer will do is take a look at your car to see if any parts can be salvaged and sold. They'll especially be looking for parts that are in good condition and don't need to be replaced.

This includes things like the engine, transmission, tires, rims, and doors. Oftentimes, these parts carry a considerable price tag in the aftermarket, so the unwanted car buyer will be willing to pay a good amount for them. So if your car has any of these parts in good condition, the unwanted car buyer will likely make you a higher offer.

On the other hand, if they don't think any parts are salvageable, you'll probably get a much lower offer. Ultimately, the unwanted car buyer is looking to make a profit, so they won't be interested in paying a higher amount for a car they can't do much with.

Other times, the unwanted car buyer will want to sell the car as-is for scrap. In this case, they'll only be interested in the metal value of your car. Generally, the heavier the metal, the more it's worth. So, if your car is made of steel or aluminum, it's likely to be worth more than a car made primarily from cheap plastic.

The Car's Overall Demand

Sometimes, an unwanted car buyer will be willing to pay more for a car that's in high demand, even if it's not in the best condition. This is especially true for luxury cars, sports cars, and collectible vehicles.

These types of cars usually hold their value really well, so the unwanted car buyer will be willing to pay a bit more to get their hands on one. These cars often have limited edition parts or features that make them more valuable, even in a wrecked condition.

On the other hand, if your car is a common model that's not in high demand, the unwanted car buyer likely won't be willing to pay as much for it. They know they can get their hands on one of these cars easily, so they won't be as willing to fork over a higher amount of money.

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