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Hiring A Towing Service To Deal With Large Trucks And Equipment Emergencies

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Heavy truck towing often includes semi-trucks, dump trucks, and other commercial trucks that weigh too much for a standard tow truck to move safely. In some cases, these same towing services are used when heavy equipment is stuck or damaged and needs to be recovered for repair.

Roadside Recovery

A common reason to call a heavy truck towing service involves trucks going off the road and getting stuck in the soft soil along the edges. The same can happen in bad weather, and often once a heavy truck is off the pavement, it requires a tow service to pull it back onto the road surface.

Heavy truck towing services use tow trucks specifically built to deal with the weight and size of the vehicles they are towing. In many cases, modified semi-trucks with additional drive axles and a large winch and boom system are the best truck for getting commercial trucks back on the road. A truck with a trailer attached or a heavy load on it may require several tow trucks to recover it, and the truck operators need to work together to ensure the truck is not damaged during the recovery effort.

Breakdown Towing

If your commercial truck breaks down along the road, you may need to have it towed to a repair shop or local dealership. A heavy truck towing service can move the truck for you, and in some cases, they can tow it with the trailer still attached. 

The tow truck used to move a semi-truck has some unique features to make the system work. Often, drivers can connect the air from the tow truck to the semi-truck to release the brakes and allow the truck to roll freely. For this to work, the heavy tow truck needs to have an oversized air tank and compressor to provide air for both trucks. 

Often, the heavy truck towing service will also have their trucks set up with additional lighting connections that allow them to add lights to the truck they are towing. If you are behind the tow truck, you may not be able to see their lights when they have a heavy truck in tow, so adding these lights ensures drivers know what the driver is doing and protects your truck from getting hit while in tow.

There are also some heavy truck towing services that have trucks with tools to try and make roadside repairs for you. Often, this is only possible for minor problems, but if the tow service can get the truck running, you may be able to drive it to a dealer or repair shop nearby and get the truck repaired properly.

If this is a service you are looking for, contact a heavy truck towing business near you.